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Do You Recognize What You Have?
By Joel Osteen - Nov 22, 2010
All throughout scripture, we see that God uses ordinary things. One time, Sampson had thousands of Philistines coming against him. Sampson didn't have any armor. He didn't have a sword. No troops were backing him up. It looked like he was as good as dead. What did Sampson do? Complain? "God, it's not fair. They've got swords and shields, and I don't have anything." No, Sampson understood this principle. He immediately began to look around. He knew that what he needed would be close to him. What did he see? A machine gun? A case full of hand grenades? No, he saw the jawbone of a donkey, something ordinary. It didn't look like much, but Sampson believed that what God gave him would be exactly what he needed. The scripture says that Sampson took the jawbone of the donkey and defeated 1,000 Philistines that were better equipped and had more expertise.

I've learned that success in life is not as much about what you have as it is about God's anointing on what you have. You can have average talent, but with the anointing of the Most High God you will go further than someone who has exceptional talent. You may have an extraordinary problem, but because of the blessing and favor of God on your life He can take an ordinary solution and cause you to be victorious.

Here is the question: do you recognize what you have? Are you looking around to see what is at your disposal, what is close to you? The solution, the breakthrough, the new business, the idea; it is within your reach. What you have may not look like much, but with God's anointing, it is everything you need.

Today, be encouraged because what you have is enough to accomplish what you need to accomplish. And if you need something different, the God of the universe knows how to get it to you. He has placed every resource you need within your reach. Keep hoping, keep praying, and keep rejoicing because the victory is already yours.
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