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Again, I Say
By Victoria Osteen - Nov 18, 2010
As a mom, if I'm talking to my children about something very important and want to make sure they understand what I'm saying, not only will I say it once, but I will usually say it twice. "Now, I'm going to say it again…" In other words, "Let me just make this crystal clear…" This is what we see Paul doing in Philippians 4:4. He says, "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, rejoice." It's like Paul was being our Daddy here and saying, "Let me just make this crystal clear…REJOICE!" This is definitely more of a command than a suggestion. See, Paul knew there was something very special about rejoicing. Rejoicing is a supernatural force that opens the way for God to come on the scene. Not only will God fight our battles for us in the supernatural realm, but He will show up and fight our battles in the natural realm when we make the decision to rejoice.

Philippians also talks a lot about complaining and murmuring. In Exodus, when the children of Israel were headed for their promised land, it took them forty years to do what they could have done in twelve days. The Bible clearly states that it's because they murmured and complained so much. In Exodus 16, Moses puts it all in perspective when he says, "You are not complaining against us, the ones leading you; you are complaining against God."

Today, don't complain against God. If complaining and murmuring are constantly coming out of you, it's because you have the wrong perspective. You can't make wise choices because your thinking is out of focus. But when you begin to rejoice, it makes everything clear. It brings life into focus and gives you the right perspective that God is on your side fighting your battles for you!

Today, choose to rejoice! Not because you have adversity, not because of your difficulties, but because God is bigger and stronger than anything that could come against you! Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice!
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