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Let God Settle It
By Joel Osteen - Nov 17, 2010
Every person on earth has experienced difficulty. We've all had times when we've been hurt, wronged or taken advantage of. But God is a just God. Hebrews 10:30 tells us that He will repay us the exact compensation owed to us. He is the one to settle and solve the cases of His people.

Do you need a case settled today? Maybe you've had unfair things happen. Maybe somebody stole your childhood or left you with a bunch of children to raise by yourself. Perhaps a business partner cheated you, and you lost a lot of money. You could easily be angry and bitter, trying to pay them back. But instead, be encouraged because God is a just God. He knows every person who has hurt you. He has seen every person who has violated you or left you alone and afraid. Nobody else may have seen it, but God saw it; and He knew it wasn't right. Today, He is saying, "I'm going to settle your cases. I'm going to make your wrongs right.

God promised in Isaiah that He would pay you back double for every unfair thing that has happened. That means every person who has lied about you or tried to make you look bad, let it go because double is coming. Forgive the people who violated you because double is on its way.

Friend, God never brings you out the same; He always brings you out better. He will make the enemy pay for bringing that injustice into your life. Do your part and let it go. When you choose to forgive, you are handing everything over to God. When you forgive, you open the door for His forgiveness and redemption in your own live. Today, choose forgiveness and let God be your vindicator. Let Him settle your cases because He promises to repay you double in this life!
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