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Don’t Let Your Head Override Your Heart
By Joel Osteen - Nov 15, 2010
I remember when I was a little boy back in the 1960's, we moved into a brand new house on the north side of Houston close to the new airport. All that was around us were trees and big open fields. There were only a few houses in our whole neighborhood, and right behind our property, there were two, one-acre lots that my father really wanted to buy. He felt very strongly about it. He could purchase them for practically nothing, about $2,000 an acre. My father told the man that built our house what he wanted to do and that builder said, "Why would you want to do that? This property is not going anywhere. Plus, you're going to have a bunch of taxes and upkeep. That wouldn't be a good investment at all." My father thought, "Well, he's the expert. I guess he knows what he is talking about." But the whole time, there was an alarm going off inside telling my father, "Don't listen to him. This is a God-given opportunity. Purchase the property." In his heart, my father knew he was supposed to do it, but he made the mistake of letting his head override his heart. He let the so-called "expert" talk him out of it.

Twenty years later, all the houses in that neighborhood were built. There were no more empty lots. That property increased in value 50 times what my father could have bought it for. It went from $2,000 an acre to $100,000 an acre. My father was kicking himself the whole time.

The point I'm making is that God has already placed within your reach everything you need to be victorious. He's given you the right opportunities and the right connections. Sometimes, like my father, we let people talk us out of our God-given opportunities. Sometimes, because things seem ordinary, we miss what God wants to do. Today, I'm asking you to look around at what you have and see the God-given opportunities with your eyes of faith. Don't let your head override your heart. Even when things don't make sense in the natural realm, follow the promptings in your heart. The solution you are looking for is within your reach, so take a step of faith today and trust that God has blessing in store for your future!
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