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Dream Another Dream
By Victoria Osteen - Nov 09, 2010
A few years ago, I received a letter from a woman named Micki McHay whose husband had passed away. She was so distraught and broken-hearted and described that she couldn't see how she could make it through such a painful experience. She began to pray and ask God to help her. One night she was reading Joel's book and came across the statement, "When one dream dies, dream another dream."

Those words touched her heart. She thought about a children's book and music CD she had started to write many years before, but had never finished. At that moment, faith was reignited in her heart. She felt God was opening another door in her life. She made a decision that she was going to pick up where she left off and pursue her dream. She found an illustrator and a publisher, and before long, she released The Ugly Snowflake, a delightful children's book about a little snowflake that discovered her true, unique beauty.

The letter she sent me was accompanied by an autographed copy of the book and CD which my young daughter asked me to read to her over and over again.

Not only did God rebirth a dream in Micki McHay's heart that night, He is using her book to bless and encourage the lives of children everywhere.

Maybe you've gone through a loss, and it looks like a dream has died. If you'll search your heart and dare to dream another dream, you can see great days up ahead. If there are things in your heart that you have laid down for one reason or another, ask God to give you another opportunity and open your heart and mind to His possibilities. He always has something good in store for you!
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