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As for Me and My House
By Joel Osteen - Nov 08, 2010
One time, this mom told me about how concerned she was for her son. He was making poor decisions and running with the wrong crowd. She prayed and tried to convince him to come to church and change his friends, but he just wouldn't do it. It seemed like the more she prayed the worse he got. Long story short, he ended up in jail. It looked like he would never fulfill his destiny. But his mother didn't give up or get negative about the situation. She just kept declaring the Scripture, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. The seed of the righteous is blessed."

One Sunday morning her son was in jail watching television, and another inmate came in and wanted to watch something else. They began to argue over what they were going to watch and started struggling over the remote control. About that time, another inmate walked in. He was huge! He stood about six foot six inches tall. He looked like a professional football player with muscles bulging out of his shirt. He grabbed the remote control and said, "I'll decide what we're going to watch." He started flipping through the channels and came across our program. He said, "Good. We're going to watch Joel today."

The woman's son got up to leave. He grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back down and said, "Sit down. You're going to watch with me." God works in mysterious ways! As he watched the program, all of a sudden, he began to feel God's love and presence like never before. He started weeping. At the end of the broadcast, that big inmate led that mother's son to Christ. Today I see him at our services all the time sitting with his mother. Who would have thought that while sitting in jail this young man would be forced to watch our program, and God would end up changing his life?

Today, I want to remind you that even though those promises that you've been standing on may look like they're never going to come to pass, God is still faithful. What He's done for others, He will do for you. Just like this mother, keep standing, keep believing and keep hoping. In Scripture, David said it like this, "What would have happened to me if I had not believed I would see the goodness of God?" I'm asking you today to believe that God has amazing things in your future. If you are believing for the salvation of a loved one, keep believing because all things are possible when you believe!
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