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Giving Birth to your Dreams
By Joel Osteen - Sep 29, 2010
Years ago, when we found out that Victoria was pregnant with our first child, we were so excited. I remember coming out of the doctor's office and the first thing we did was call our parents, and everyone in our families. It was a great day! We were amazed that we were going to have a baby. We were so overjoyed with the news. We were on cloud nine as we left the doctor's office, giving each other high five's. But, seven or eight months later, when Victoria was carrying all the extra weight, uncomfortable, a little bit irritable, hurting in her back, not able to sleep at night, you know, it's kind of funny but we didn't call too many people during that time. She wouldn't give me any high fives any more. The excitement of conception had worn off and now we were "where the rubber meets the road." We were down in the trenches where we had to suffer some inconveniences. We had moved out of the fun, easy stage of conception and into the much more difficult stage of development. It wasn't as easy in this stage; there was some pain and discomfort. Did we do something wrong to bring this on? No, it's all just part of the process. Inside, where we couldn't see, the seed was growing and developing. Changes were taking place.

If you think about it, it's the same way in the spiritual realm. When you conceive a dream in your heart from God, it's so exciting. You want to tell everyone about it. When you first get a revelation of His promises, it's easy to stay encouraged and full of faith. But the real test happens in the next stage. Are we willing to fight the good fight of faith and go through the development process? Are we willing to keep a good attitude even when we're uncomfortable and things aren't going our way?

Today, remember that in the process of giving birth to your dreams, sometimes things are going to be uncomfortable. Sometimes things aren't going to go the way you planned, but remember, that dream is still growing inside of you. You are closer than you think. As you stay in faith and keep speaking God's Word over your dreams, you'll see them come to pass. It won't be long until you are holding that promise in your hands and giving all the glory to Almighty God!
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