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Seeing with Your Eyes of Faith
By Joel Osteen - Sep 22, 2010
When we were trying to acquire the Compaq Center for Lakewood Church, we had so many things coming against us. In the natural, it seemed impossible. But down deep, we really believed it was a part of God's plan for our lives. Instead of worrying and getting frustrated about it, all through the day I would imagine the building with the Lakewood sign out front. I could see us ministering inside. I could see the auditorium filled with people. I would imagine the city handing us the keys. I would imagine the celebration and confetti falling from the ceiling. Many times during the week, Victoria and I would drive by, especially at night. If nothing was going on, we would get out and walk around it. What were we doing? We were allowing the seed of faith to take deeper root. The more we saw it happening through our eyes of faith, the more confident we became, the more faith rose in our hearts.

For three and a half years, we kept our minds focused in the right direction. When it was difficult, when it looked impossible, I believe that clear picture we had in our minds helped us stand strong and fight the good fight of faith.

On December 1, 2003 when Mayor Brown handed us the keys, it was just like I'd seen it before. On December 14 when that confetti fell from the ceiling in the groundbreaking services, it was just like I'd seen it before. And on July 16, 2005 when 57,000 people gathered for our Grand Opening weekend, it was just as I had imagined it. I remember after the very first service Victoria said, "Joel, I'm amazed how at home I felt tonight. I thought it would take a long time to get used to being here." But I reminded her that it's because we had seen ourselves here three years before we ever got here. It was birthed deep down on the inside.

This weekend, we hit another major milestone of faith. God completely outdid Himself! He went exceedingly abundantly above what we could have ever imagined. This weekend, we received the final deed to the facility! For the last five years, we were leasing from the city. We were in a 60-year agreement. But earlier in the year, the city came to us and offered to sell it to us at a very good price! What a faithful and good God we serve!

Let me ask you today, what do you see through your eyes of faith? What kind of image do you have on the inside? If you can imagine it, God can not only bring it to pass, but He will do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask, think or imagine. Look out through your eyes of faith and see those dreams coming to pass. Let confidence sink down on the inside. Not only will it cause you to gravitate toward that dream, but it will cause your faith to be released so you can live the exceedingly abundant life of blessing He has in store for you!
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