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He Will Multiply What You Have
By Joel Osteen - Sep 03, 2010
In first Kings, chapter 17, there is the story of a widow and her son. She doesn't have any income and all of her funds have run out. She goes out to get some firewood to cook the last little bit of food that she has, thinking that she and her son will die. But while she is out gathering sticks, she runs into an old friend; the prophet, Elijah. Of all things, he says, "I am so hungry. Would you do me a favor and make me something to eat?"

She says, "Sure I will, Elijah. But the truth is that this is the last bit of food we have. I was going to cook it for my family but we'll share it with you."

Now, notice this woman's attitude. Despite her desperate circumstances, she wasn't selfish or greedy. She wasn't despondent. Deep down, she knew that God was faithful. She went to her containers of flour and oil, poured out her last bit of both and made Elijah some bread to eat. Then, she and her son ate something as well. The next day, she went back and opened her containers. Much to her surprise, as Elijah had said, there was some flour and oil in both. Day after day, month after month, that flour and that oil never ran out. God multiplied what she had.

When you look at your situation today, you may think, "I don't see how I'm going to make it." Maybe you've run the numbers. You know what's coming in and you know what's going out. It may look like you're going to go under. But just like this lady, when you honor God, when you put Him first, God will command His blessing over your life. He will multiply your resources. He will cause what you have to go further.

Friend, today is a new day. It's time to go to a new level. It's time to rise up out of lack and defeat into abundance and victory! Put what you have into the hands of Almighty God. Remember, a seed has to be planted before a harvest will ever come. Look for ways to be obedient to Him with your resources and watch Him multiply what you have in return!
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