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Get Your Mind Going in the Right Direction!
By Joel Osteen - Aug 23, 2010
God wants to restore everything the enemy has stolen from you! He said in Isaiah, "He will pay us back double for our former shame." But we have to do our part to get our minds in agreement with Him. When you get your mind going in the right direction, then your life will start going in the right direction. But if you have a messed up mind, you're going to have a messed up life.

You may be thinking today that you've got some problems, physical problems or emotional problems that are keeping you from being happy. Don't let your circumstances cause you to live discouraged and defeated. Instead, give yourself a check up from the neck up! Think about what you're thinking about! Get rid of those negative, discouraging thoughts and keep your mind in an attitude of faith. No matter how many times you get knocked down, no matter how many setbacks you suffer, get back up today, set your thoughts on the Word of God and you're your mind going in the right direction!

Norfolk "Night of Hope" Update:

What an amazing time we had last week in Norfolk, VA. Our "Night of Hope" was truly spectacular with over nearly 10,000 in attendance! We are so grateful to Pastor Steve Kelly of Wave Church, Bishop Anne Gimenez of The Rock Church, Bishop Kim Brown of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, Pastor Victor Torres of New Life Outreach International, Pastor Kevin Green of The Living Room, and our good friend Pastor Phil Munsey of Live Church in Irvine, CA for joining with us and praying a blessing over the city. We were also so honored to have U.S. Navy Command Chaplain Olric Wilkins who prayed over our nation and the men and women serving in the military.

Before the event, we were so honored to meet so many people at the Navy Exchange and Barnes & Noble book signing . We also had the privilege of meeting with and praying for so many members of the military and their families.

Victoria and I thank you for your love, prayers, and support. Together, we are the hands and feet of Jesus in the earth. May God abundantly bless every seed you sow into His kingdom!

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