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You Are Handpicked By God
By - Aug 19, 2010
In the Bible, long before David was King, he had plenty of chances to fall into the trap of believing he was insignificant and that his life didn't matter. He was overlooked by his father, criticized by his brothers, and regarded by many as just a shepherd boy. When the prophet Samuel came to David's house to choose a new king, he asked to see all the brothers. But David's father didn't even consider him a candidate and left him out in the field taking care of the sheep. It was only when Samuel didn't select any of the other seven brothers that David was called in and eventually chosen. Even then, while David's brothers spent their time serving in King Saul's army, a prestigious position of honor, David, being the youngest, was relegated to the shepherd's fields. He was seen as an errand runner, tasked with bringing lunch to his brothers, "the important ones."

David could have easily let that affect his self-image. He could have gone around feeling insecure and questioning God since the fulfillment of his promise seemed nowhere in sight. But even though it seemed as though life had overlooked him, David knew that he was handpicked by God. He chose to stand and believe despite the circumstances. Eventually, at the right time, David was promoted.

Today, you may feel like the "errand runner" or that life has overlooked you. You've done your best, but maybe you haven't seen the results you had anticipated. Or maybe you've been through some disappointments and now you're tempted to think, Oh what's the use? I'll never get out of this situation. I'll never accomplish my dreams. But, don't believe those lies! You are handpicked by God and He who promised is faithful! When you go through setbacks or when people leave you out, remember, God is working behind the scenes. You may not see how you can overcome your circumstances, but God has a plan, and He can make a way. Stay in faith today because you are empowered to overcome any obstacle and accomplish everything God has in store for you!
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