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He Speaks to Us in Our Doubts
By Joel Osteen - Aug 16, 2010
One time, I heard Jentezen Franklin tell about something that happened to him. Jentezen is a good friend and a great minister. He's the pastor of Free Chapel in Atlanta. When his daughters were much younger, he and his wife Cherise decided to go to SeaWorld in Florida. They were enjoying the park and decided to go see the dolphin show in an outdoor arena. It was a perfectly beautiful, sunny day. As they were waiting for the show to begin, all of the sudden out of nowhere, there was a huge clap of thunder. It was so loud everyone practically jumped out of their seats. It instantly began pouring down rain and lightning like nothing they had ever imagined. Of course, everyone ran for cover under the bleachers. While they were underneath the bleachers, there was another very loud clap of thunder. Jentezen and Cherise's three-year-old daughter got very scared, but instead of turning to her parents, she ran into the arms of a 25-year-old girl who was standing about 15 feet away. They had never seen this lady before, but their little girl gave her a big hug and held on to her and wouldn't let her go. Jentezen and Cherise just looked at each other. It was the strangest thing. They didn't know who the young lady was or why their daughter would be drawn to her. Normally, their daughter would never go to a stranger like that.

They walked over very politely and tried to get their daughter, but she just wouldn't let go. The young lady just began weeping. Her parents were with her, and they also started weeping. Come to find out, that young lady had a three-year-old daughter that was born with congestive heart failure. Just six weeks earlier, she had died. The young lady had not been out of the house in those six weeks because she was so depressed. That day, her parents talked her into going to the park. She said later, "When your little daughter was hugging me, the whole time I could feel healing being poured into me. God was letting me know that my little girl is up there in heaven, and I can move forward with my life." God used the love of that little girl to speak to this young lady, not in her faith, but in her doubts.

In those difficult times when you feel overwhelmed, you can be sure that you are not alone. God knows we go through things that we don't understand, but He always shows up to restore our faith. He will never abandon us. Not only does He show up in our times of faith, He shows up in our times of doubt. He is with us in our seasons of difficulty, speaking to our hearts and souls, leading us in restoration in every area of our lives.
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