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The Confidence Factor
By Victoria Osteen - Aug 12, 2010
Several years ago, our family would pile up on the sofa after dinner to watch one of our favorite television programs, Fear Factor. We enjoyed watching the contestants attempt outrageous and daring stunts. We'd sit and watch in anticipation, wondering what the contestants would have to do next. Each stunt would test the contestant's ability to confront and overcome fear. If the contestant allowed fear to stop them or even slow them down, they would be off the show and the camera would follow them down the dreaded "walk of shame." One person would be eliminated after each stunt until only one contestant remained—the winner who would receive the prize money.

I noticed that most of the time, the contestant who won not only overcame their fear, but they usually approached each task differently from the other contestant—with confidence. Confidence empowered them to perform the tasks faster, more skillfully, and with whatever proficiency was required. There were many times when we could tell who was going to win within the first few minutes of the show just by that confidence factor. You could see it in the winner's eyes.

That was only a television show, but how often do we see this same scenario play out in our own lives? We set out to complete a mission and have our goal in mind only to run straight into a wall of fear. It doesn't take a television show to know how fear can block us from pursuing our dreams. Fear is the enemy of confidence, and it can keep you from your God-given destiny. The only way to break the power of fear and build confidence is to move forward. Confidence isn't built by playing it safe. It's not built when you simply stand still. It's built when you press past your fear.

Throughout life, we all have opportunities to either shrink back and settle where it's familiar, or we can take a step of faith and embrace the new things God has in store. Remember, you were never created to be stagnant. You were never created to take that "walk of shame;" you were created to win. Don't allow fear to hold you back. Keep stretching, keep growing, keep learning and tap into the confidence God has placed on the inside of you!
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