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Two Things You Need to Inherit His Promises
By Joel Osteen - Aug 04, 2010
I read about a man who was an explorer. He lived off the coast of Florida and discovered that a Spanish ship filled with treasure sunk off the Florida Keys back in the year 1622. This explorer and his men set out to find the ship. They searched month after month, year after year with no success. Most people would have given up. Most would have gotten discouraged, but not this man. Every morning before his crew went out, he would call them together, look them in the eyes and say very passionately and confidently, "Men, today is going to be the day we find this ship."

While some of the crew went around disappointed and discouraged, this man always had a spring in his step. He lived with great expectancy knowing that any moment he was going to discover that buried treasure.

Years went by and he encountered plenty of doubters. Many people tried to convince him to quit, telling him he was just wasting his time. He would always answer back, "No, today is going to be the day." Sixteen years later, he noticed something unusual on the bottom of the ocean floor. He called in for more equipment. Sure enough they discovered that old Spanish ship, and it was still full of gold, silver and all kinds of treasure. He was greatly rewarded for his persistence those sixteen years.

What are the treasures that you're looking for in your life? The treasure of a restored relationship? The treasure of health? The treasure of a fulfilled dream? Hebrews 6:12 tells us that through faith and patience we will inherit God's promises.

How do you stay in faith when it's taking a long time and you don't see anything happening? Let patience have its perfect work. Just like this man, tell yourself every day, "This could be the day it turns around. This could be the day I start to feel better. This could be the day the property sells. This could be the day I get the phone call I've been waiting for." Keep standing, keep speaking, and keep believing because through faith and patience you will see His promises fulfilled in every area of your life!
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