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Are You Asking Him to Do it Today?
By Joel Osteen - Aug 02, 2010
One time in Scripture, Jesus was walking through a city when a man came up to Him said, "Sir, my good friend is very sick. Would You please come and pray for him?" Jesus said, "Yes, I will come to your home." The man went on to say, "I'm a Captain in the Army. I have a lot of authority. When I speak, my men quickly obey. Jesus, You don't need to come to my home, just speak the word only, and I know my friend will be healed." This man had that "now" faith.

Notice that Jesus didn't get offended and say, "Boy, you've got a lot of nerve asking Me to do it right now. You sure are bold, believing that I can speak something and cause it to happen." No, it was just the opposite. Jesus looked at him and said, "I have not seen this much faith in all of Israel. You can go home. Your friend is totally whole." That's what happens when we have the boldness to say, "God, I'm asking You, do it for me today."

A lot of people live with a "future" faith. They believe that one day something great is going to happen, but it's always off in the future. If you could just learn to switch back over into a "now" faith like this man and say, "God, I'm asking You to send healing. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Send healing now. Send favor now. Send breakthroughs now." When you release that "now" faith, you're going to see a "now" God show up and do amazing things in your life. Now is the time for God's favor. Now is the time for blessing. Now is the time for you to receive all that He has in store for you!
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