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Remove the Labels
By Joel Osteen - Jul 12, 2010
I know a gentleman who was told by his high school counselor that he was not very talented. They told him that he should just focus on the lowest skilled job he could find. That counselor basically stuck a label on him that said below average, barely get by, not talented. The man didn't know any better. He wore that label year after year. He went on thinking, "I'm not that smart. I just don't have what it takes." He eventually got a job at the local factory and stayed at the lowest level year after year. One day, that factory closed, and so he went across town and applied for a job at another factory. This company had a policy that every applicant had to take an IQ test. The man took the test, and his IQ came back at the genius level. The owner called him in and said, "What are you doing applying for this low-level position? You have scored the highest of anyone in our company's 63-year history."

That day a stronghold was broken in that man's mind. That day, he removed a label that had held him back for 17 years! He eventually started his own company and even went on to invent several products that are now patented and in the marketplace.

Friend, if you're going to rise to the next level; if you're going to become everything God has created you to be, then maybe just like this man, you need to remove a label that is holding you back. Maybe somebody convinced you long ago that you've reached your limits. Or maybe you've made some mistakes. You've labeled yourself as "all washed up." No, your past doesn't determine your destiny, people don't determine your destiny; God determines your destiny. Stay focused on what He says about you and keep doing your best and moving forward. Let His truth set you free and set you on the path to victory in every area of your life!
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