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Limitless Favor—Today!
By Joel Osteen - Jul 05, 2010
Paul said in Ephesians 2, "In the ages to come," we would see "the immeasurable, unlimited, surpassing greatness of God's favor." In other words, he's saying we will see far and beyond favor—favor like people have never seen before!

Think about what God has done in the past; He parted the Red Sea, He stopped the sun for Joshua, He fed thousands of people with just a little boy's lunch. All kinds of great miracles have taken place. Yet in this verse, Paul is saying in the ages to come God would do things that far supersede anything He's ever done before! Paul wrote this verse ages ago. I believe the "ages to come" that he's talking about is the day we're living in today. We need to start believing for this far-and-beyond favor. Don't go year after year expecting the same thing, the same way. God is a God of increase. He has greater levels. Where you are is not where you are supposed to stay. Don't settle for a limited mindset. God created you to be the head and not the tail. He said that you would lend and not borrow. He is called El Shaddai; the God who is more than enough.

Today, let this truth sink down deep into your heart. Let your mind be renewed by the truth of God's Word. Get rid of little dreams, little ideas, and little plans. Keep a God-sized vision in front of you because He wants to show you the surpassing greatness of His favor! Today, He can give you one idea that will take you to a new level. Today, He can cause you to meet one person that will change your life for the better, forever. Today, dare to believe for this limitless favor and watch what God will do on your behalf!
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