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Recharge Your Batteries
By Victoria Osteen - Jul 06, 2010
Have you ever seen that battery commercial on television with the toy rabbit that just "keeps on going?" Wouldn't it would be nice if we all had that much energy? Sometimes I think my kids do, but even they need to stop and rejuvenate at some point. Yes, after a while, everyone needs to stop and recharge physically, emotionally and spiritually. That's because we are three-part beings made in the image of a three-part God. We need to tend to each area of our lives because each part affects the others. For example, think about what happens when you're sick or run down and tired physically. You might be emotionally more sensitive. You might be a little more "edgy" than normal. You may even be too tired to take time to pray and study the Word of God like you know you should. But when you are well rested and eating properly, you are refreshed. You are able to handle stress better because you are emotionally stronger, and most importantly, you're probably more diligent about your spiritual disciplines.

I love what it says in Psalms that those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength. See, when you are spiritually in the right place, your physical body lines up and your emotions are healthier, too. It's all connected internally. When you have things in the right order, when you put God first and recharge your spirit by connecting with Him through prayer, worship and study of His Word, then you'll find that the rest of your being will be refreshed, too!

So today, examine your heart and life. Make sure you are taking time to recharge and refresh your entire being. Take care of yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally because you are important. You have value and purpose on this earth. When you "recharge your batteries," you are better equipped to fulfill the destiny God has prepared for you!
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