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Breaking Mental Patterns
By Victoria Osteen - Jun 29, 2010
The other day I was out running errands like I do just about every week. When I was almost finished and heading for home, I received a telephone call. I started driving, and it was as if my mind was on autopilot. A few minutes later, I found myself pulling into the driveway of my old house—a house that I haven't lived in for eight months! Yet, out of habit, I ended up where I didn't intend to go.

How many times in life have you started out in a certain direction and then found yourself right back where you were at some point in your past? That's because we have to deliberately break mental patterns. We can't live with our minds on autopilot. The scripture calls this renewing the mind. How do we renew our minds? Romans 12:2 tells us that we renew our minds by the washing with water through the Word of God. That mean we have to saturate our thinking in the scriptures. His Word is water that cleanses us, refreshes us, and renews us. His Word lights our life course and sets us on a path of victory!

Now more than any other day and age in history, we need to deliberately set our minds in the right direction. Between the media, internet and advertising, there's an intense battle going on for your thoughts. The enemy of our souls is very strategic. If you let yourself go on autopilot, you'll end up where you don't want to be.

Don't let the world tell you how to think. Instead, set your mind on the Word of God. Take a few minutes and write down some scriptures that you can read every single morning. Put a list in your car or carry it with you to work. When you have a break or at lunchtime, read and confess those scriptures again because when you come into agreement with God's Word, it's like lighting a match. That contact sparks a flame that will burn up old thinking patterns and light the way for you to live in victory in every area of your life!
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