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Discomfort: Your Internal Compass
By Joel Osteen - Jun 14, 2010
There are many interesting things about the eagle. Did you know that when it's born it has a liquid solution in its eyes? Over time, that liquid hardens and becomes a setting that enables it to find its way home, even if it's thousands of miles away. It's just like having a built-in compass. Somehow, when that liquid solution hardens the eagle discovers the line between their home and the North Pole. That way they always have a sense of reference. If the eagle is going the wrong direction, he will have a low-level pain in his eyes. He'll feel a discomfort. If he will turn and start going the right direction the discomfort will go away.

Many people today are living with a low-level pain because they're not pursuing their dreams. They're not following their passions. They aren't headed in the right direction. They keep putting things on hold, making excuses, and as a result they live with this constant feeling of dissatisfaction.

Friend, I believe today is a new day. It's time to follow that internal compass. Today, God wants to light a new fire on the inside of you. He wants to bring your dreams back to life. He wants to restore your hope and re-ignited your vision. As you start moving toward your purpose, that low-level pain will go. That sense of "the blahs" will leave and you'll feel the spring come back into your step because God is breathing in your direction.

Today, stir up your gifts because you were made for more. You are anointed, equipped, empowered. Don't just settle where you are because God has greater things in your future. It may not have happened in the past, you may have put your dream on hold for a long time, but the good news is that it's not too late to get started. You can begin right now. If you will make that decision to shake off the complacency and start pursuing what God has placed in your heart you can still become everything God has created you to be.

…do all that is in your heart, for the Lord is with you (II Samuel 7:3, AMP).
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