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Faithfulness Brings Promotion
By Joel Osteen - May 05, 2010
Before I became Pastor of Lakewood Church, I was in charge of the television production ministry. I worked for my father for 17 years. We would do these big television specials, concerts, and all kinds of exciting things. But toward the end of my father's life, he didn't want to do that anymore. One time, I got all these radio stations lined up to carry my father's broadcasts. I worked so hard, and it was a pretty big deal. I asked my dad to come down to the studio for an hour a week so we could make the opens and closes. But he said, "Joel, I don't want to do that. I'm 75 years old. I just want to relax and pastor the church."

I was so disappointed. I thought, "God, I'm young. I don't want to do less. I've got big dreams. I want to do more." I thought, "Maybe it's time for me to leave. Maybe it's time for me to pursue some other opportunities." But when I searched my own heart, I knew I was supposed to stay with my father. I remember exactly where I was when I made the decision. I thought, "This is my father's vision. He's been here for 40 years. He founded the place. He has a right to do what he wants. I'm not going to get sour, lose my joy and pack up and leave just because I'm not getting my way." So, I just kept being my best day in and day out.

Two years later, my father went to be with the Lord. I realize now that God put those big dreams in my heart for my own ministry. It just wasn't the right time. But if I had not been faithful where I was, if I had not honored and submitted to that authority and chose to do the right thing even when I didn't feel like it, I don't believe I would be standing here today.

Friend, maybe it looks like doors are closing on your dreams. Maybe the people in authority over you have different ideas. But, when you decide to bloom where you're planted and keep a good attitude; when you decide not to get upset when you don't get your way; when you honor authority even when you don't agree, then you are sowing a seed for God to take you where He wants to go. Just keep standing, keep believing, and keep doing your best because God will take you places you never dreamed.

Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things (Matthew 25:23, NKJV).
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