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God Will Make a Way
By Joel Osteen - Apr 28, 2010
I read a story a while ago about a boy who was born in extreme poverty in Puerto Rico. His name is Juan Rodriguez. Growing up, he and his family lived in a shack and had to struggle for every meal. At seven years old, he was working in the sugar cane fields plowing behind the oxen. It didn't look like he had much of a future. It didn't look like he would ever get out of that environment. But right near his house was an old, rundown golf course. Juan was so intrigued by golf that he made his own golf club out of a stick and used bottle caps for golf balls. All through the day he would go around playing golf on his imaginary golf course.

A few years later, one of the golfers saw him out there playing and noticed how interested he was in golf so he got him a job at the course making 35 cents a day. Whenever Juan wasn't working, he was playing golf. Every day he got better and better.

At 21 years of age, after spending two years in the U.S. Army, Juan was hired as a full-time caddy at a golf course in Puerto Rico. One day, a professional golfer came through and saw how talented Juan was. This golfer took Juan under his wing and started working with him and training him.

Today, many years later, Juan Rodriguez is better known as Chi Chi Rodriguez. He went on to win eight tournaments on the PGA Tour and was named the Senior Player of the Year. Because of his success, he was able to start the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation which helps children rise out of poverty like he did.

Today, no matter where you come from, no matter what your background is, you can still embrace the dreams God has placed in your heart. Don't go through life thinking, "I've got a disadvantage. I've got too many obstacles. I'm the wrong nationality. I don't have the connections." No, you may not see how things can change, but the good news is that God does. He already has a way. And your destiny is not determined by how you were raised, your circumstances, or how many odds are against you. Your destiny is determined by the Creator of the universe. Luke 18 tells us that the things that look impossible with man are possible with God. If you will take what God has given you and make the most of it, God will open up the right doors. He will give you the right breaks. He will bring the right people across your path, and He'll move you forward into the destiny He has prepared for you.
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