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Lead Vertically
By Joel Osteen - Apr 26, 2010
Do you consider yourself to be a leader? In its most basic definition, a leader is someone who sets a course for others to follow. A leader is a person of influence. And really, every one of us is influencing someone. We all have the opportunity to be leaders in our families, in the workplace, and in our communities.

My friend and Director of Ministries at Lakewood Church, Craig Johnson, recently released his new book, Lead Vertically. He puts it this way, “Leadership does not begin with the power to rule over others, but with the power to serve others.” As followers of Jesus, we are all called to serve others; we are all called to leadership. Craig goes on to make a powerful point that, “We can only reach so high on our own, but when we help others reach their potential, everyone benefits.”

That’s the kind of leader you and I are called to be—the kind that helps others around us become all that God has called them to be and, in the process, fulfill the dreams and desires in our own hearts.

I really appreciate Craig’s book because it is a powerful reminder that our lives are not just about us, our lives are about the influence we have on other people. Leadership isn’t about a title, it isn’t about a paycheck; it’s about building the people around us, which is the one thing we can do on earth that has eternal value. That’s what makes a vertical leader!

Keep each other's spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out (Ephesians 6:18, The Message).
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