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The God of Acceleration
By Joel Osteen - Apr 12, 2010
I have a friend who is 32 years old. Right after he got out of college, he went to work at a huge corporation. I've known his parents and family for many years. They are good people and love the Lord, but they have never risen any higher than where they were 30 years ago. They just stayed at the same level as their parents and grandparents. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but I believe God wants every generation to increase. But this young man had a big vision for his life. His dream was to run a major corporation one day. His first job was at the very bottom level of that company working in sales. He just kept giving it his best, day in and day out. After three years, he was already in the top five percent of sales. They promoted him to a manager. The next year, he landed a new account—the largest account in the company's history. That one good break immediately made him, by far, the top salesperson. At 28 years old, he was appointed to vice-president. He covered all the southwest. Things just continued to fall into place for him. His boss left and went to another company, so he got another promotion. The CEO of this huge corporation was only 51 years old, and it looked like he had another 20 years in him. But one day, unexpectedly, the CEO went to the board and said, "I'm going to resign, and I would like to nominate this young man as my successor." They voted on it, and today at 32 years old, he is the youngest CEO in that corporation's history out of thousands and thousands of employees.

Friend, God knows the dreams He has placed in your heart and how to fulfill them. You may have been in the background for years working hard, or maybe you've been overlooked for a promotion that you deserved. Don't get discouraged. God is keeping the records. When it's your time, He is going to thrust you to the foreground. You're not going to be sitting on the sidelines wishing you could do something great. No, you'll be in the game. You'll be making a mark that cannot be erased. God knows how to make up for lost time.

I encourage you today to put your trust in God and live a life that honors Him. Just like this young man, before long, God will give you good breaks. He will open the right doors. He will move people out of the way. He will cause you to stand out in a crowd. He will let His face shine down on you, and you will accomplish your goals in a fraction of the time!
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