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Do You Recognize Your Influence?
By Victoria Osteen - Apr 06, 2010
There's a story in the Old Testament about a young woman named Esther. She was orphaned as a young girl, and her life held little hope for any significance. She had no position or power. She was one among many young women in her city, but something was different about Esther; she believed in her God, and she believed in herself.

At that time, the King was looking for a new queen. Esther's cousin Mordecai encouraged her to go to the palace with the other young women to be presented to the king. Because Esther had favor with God, she found favor at the palace. After a period of preparation, Esther was chosen to be the new queen.

In her new position, Esther had tremendous influence and favor with the king, but it wasn't her social position that made her influential; it was her heart position. She understood who she was and that she was a person of destiny. She believed that God had ordered her steps, and she was determined to be faithful to Him. She lived with an understanding that her life was not just about herself; it was about using what God gave her to impact others.

Esther had those seeds of influence ingrained in her long before she had a title. Her cousin Mordecai invested in her and constantly spoke words of victory over her. I am sure she doubted herself at times, but she hung on to the truth and because she did, Esther was able to save the entire nation of Israel from being destroyed.

But what if Esther hadn't recognized the influence her life could have? She might have shrunk back and settled for an ordinary existence and missed the opportunity to have an impact that changed the course of history for so many people.

The question I ask you today is: Do you recognize the influence you have on the world around you? Are your thoughts about yourself positive, filled with hope and encouragement? Perhaps no one ever took the time to encourage you, or maybe some unfair things happened in your life that stole your confidence; that doesn't change your value or significance. Don't let what others have said or done stop you from living with purpose and enthusiasm. If you'll rise up today and see yourself as God's special treasure selected by Him and for Him, then no one can keep you from your destiny!

You may feel "ordinary" today, but remember, you too are writing the pages of history! Dare to be bold and believe that you are a person of destiny because you are a person of influence, and you can leave your mark on this generation.
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