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You Are Closer Than You Think
By Joel Osteen - Mar 22, 2010
A while back, I was reading about a young man who had set out to swim across the English Channel. This was many years ago before anyone had ever done it. The channel is 23 miles long, and it takes between 12 and 14 hours to swim it. It's also extremely dangerous. The water temperature is very cold and the current is strong. Not only that, there are sharks and jellyfish and other dangers. Several people had attempted to swim it before this young man, and they had lost their lives trying. But this young man was in great shape and so determined. He started out strong and swam an hour, then two, three, four, and five. He began to get tired. He was in great pain, but he wanted to finish so badly that he just kept pressing on.

Late in the day, an unusually thick fog rolled in, and he could barely see in front of him. He continued to swim hour after hour in this heavy fog, but he lost sight of the other side of the channel. Slowly, he began to get discouraged until he finally couldn't take it any longer. He was so cold and didn't even know where he was, so he decided to quit. There was a little boat traveling beside him that he crawled into. As they rode to the other side, much to his amazement, he discovered he was less than 50 yards from the shore; less than 50 yards from making history. If he would have known that he was so close, he would not have given up.

Like this young man, maybe you feel like you've been swimming up stream, fighting the odds and pressing forward in order to see your dreams and desires come to pass. Maybe things seem dark and foggy, but remember, you are closer than you think. Things may not be happening on your time table or the way you expected, but don't give up! If God has placed a dream inside of you, He will equip you to bring it to pass. Keep standing, keep believing, keep hoping because the One who promised is faithful. It won't be long until you reach the other side and experience the life of blessing He has in store for you!
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