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Make Preparations for the Dream
By Joel Osteen - Mar 17, 2010
When my sister, Tamara, was about seven or eight years old, she decided she wanted some rabbits. At the time, we lived out in the country. We had a couple of dogs and even a bunch of chickens, but now she wanted these rabbits. So, she went to my father and said, "Daddy, can I please have some rabbits?" My father was always very good to us. He was very generous, but he already had his hands full with these chickens. They were always getting out, and we had to round them up from our neighbors. So, he was not too excited about getting any more animals. He said, "Tamara, I love you, but we are not going to get any rabbits."

Well, he might as well have been talking to a tree. Tamara acted like she didn't even hear him. In fact, she acted like she was going to get those rabbits. About every two or three days, she would go back to my father and ask him again, "Daddy, have you thought any more about those rabbits? I really would like to have one." He would say, "Tamara, I don't have to think about it. We are not getting any rabbits." A couple of days later, "Daddy, I'd still like to have a rabbit." This went on for two or three months. Tamara was determined in her heart that one day she was going to have those rabbits.

Finally, I could tell she was starting to wear my father down. He said, "Tamara, even if I wanted to get you a rabbit, I have no idea where to get one." She said, "I do. I know exactly where they are. I've already seen the place." He said, "Show me." They got in the car and drove about fifteen minutes down the highway toward the church. About two hundred yards off the main road, way back in the woods, there was a little sign with handwritten letters that read, "Rabbits for Sale."

See, Tamara was on the lookout. We had traveled up and down that road hundreds of times going to church, but none of us had ever seen it. When you have a dream in your heart, you'll see things that other people don't see. Finally, my father said, "Tamara, I'd love to get you rabbits, but still we don't have any place to keep them." She said, "Yes, we do. I've already had Paul make me a cage." Needless to say, Tamara got her rabbits.

In the same way, you need to make preparations to live a blessed life. You need to be determined to keep that dream out in front of you no matter what the negative report looks like. Hebrews 6:12 tells us that through faith and patience we will inherit God's promises, so stay in faith and keep that vision in front of you. Keep believing, keep expecting, and keep making preparations because God will fulfill the dreams He placed in your heart!
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