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Far-and-Beyond Favor
By Joel Osteen - Feb 03, 2010
There's a couple that attends our church, and they were believing to have children. One day the wife found out that she was pregnant with triplets. They were so excited about it. But during the pregnancy there were complications, and she had to be hospitalized for nearly three months. When the babies were finally born, they were extremely premature. The doctors weren't sure if they were even going to make it. The parents put scripture verses up over each of their incubators: "I will live and not die." "God is restoring health unto me." "With long life God will satisfy me." They kept praying and believing. After six months in the hospital, those little babies were able to come home. Today, everybody is happy, healthy, and whole.

A few months later, this couple got their bill from the hospital. They had insurance to cover only part of it. Since the mother was in the hospital for nearly three months, and the three babies were in the hospital for six months each, their part of the hospital bill was $2,000,000. In the natural, they didn't know how they would ever pay that off. It looked like they would be paying on it for the rest of their lives. But they didn't get discouraged. They didn't get negative and start complaining. Their attitude was "God, it's in Your hands. You've taken care of us in the past, and we know You will take care of us in the future."

One day out of the blue, they received a call from the hospital administrator. He said, "We've never done this before, but we have just made the decision that we're going to totally cancel your $2,000,000 debt."

Friend, that's far-and-beyond favor. That's God honoring their faith in Him. That's God doing exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what they expected. They were happy just to have healthy children. But God likes to exceed our expectations. But let me tell you a key: these people are faithful people. They honor God. They would send their tithes and offerings into the church from the hospital. Even though they couldn't come, they didn't want to miss an opportunity to obey God. When you honor God with your life like that, He says His blessings are going to chase you down and overtake you.

Remember, you have been crowned with God's favor. You're not meant to be weighted down with burdens, worry, or fear. Get rid of all that. You are to be weighted down with the goodness and favor of God. As you go out each day doing your best to honor Him, get ready for His far-and-beyond favor to overwhelm your every step!
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