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I've Got a Feelin'
By Joel Osteen - Feb 01, 2010
A while back, I read something interesting about the tarantula. It has eight eyes all around its body, but yet its vision is very poor. It can't see very far off, and even up close, its vision is not sharp and clear. But the tarantula is a very precise hunter. It's known for its ability to attack and kill. How can it be so accurate when its vision is so poor? It's because its legs are full of hairy follicles that are extremely sensitive. It can sense something coming toward it long before it gets there. Even though it can't see well, the tarantula is extremely perceptive.

You know, that's the way we need to be. Sometimes when we look into our future, we don't see anything good. We don't see how we'll get out of debt. We don't see how a relationship will work out. We don't see how to get a better job. In the natural things may look impossible, like it's just going to be "more of the same." But if we are perceptive, we can sense in our spirits that somehow, someway, it's going to happen. Business may be slow. The economy may be down. But in spite of all of that, I can sense increase is coming my way. I can sense it's my decade of favor. I can sense my greatest victories are still out in front of me.

We used to sing an old song growing up that says, "I've got a feelin' everything's gonna be alright." In other words, "I can't explain it. It doesn't make sense to my mind. But I can sense moments of favor are coming my way." "My finances may be down, but I'm not worried. I can sense promotion is in my future." "The medical report may not look good. All the facts are telling me I'm not going to get well. I should get discouraged. I should be depressed. But no, I've got a feelin' everything's gonna be alright!"

As you keep that attitude of faith and expectancy and tune out the negative voices of the world, you'll increase your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Before long, His leading will be so clear. You'll feel His peace and joy strengthening you and empowering you as you move forward in the life of blessing and victory He has in store for you!
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