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When Things Dont Go Your Way
By Joel Osteen - Jan 25, 2010
I talked to a man a while back who asked me to pray that he would get a certain position at a new company. It seemed like a great opportunity. I prayed that he would have God’s favor, that he’d have the right words to say on the interview, and that people would like him. Well, he came back a couple of months later so disappointed. He couldn’t believe it didn’t work out. He didn’t get the job. You would have thought it was the end of the world. But I just encouraged him that God must have a better plan.

About six months after that, the company that the man wanted to work for so badly had some major setbacks. The position that he wanted was totally eliminated. If he would have gotten that job, he would be out of work today.

When things don’t go your way, or don’t go the way you expected, you have to remember that God can see the big picture. He knows what’s best for us. So instead of worrying about it and going around frustrated, we need to learn to just turn it over to God and trust Him to do it His way.

Remember, if the only way you’re going to be happy is if things happen your way, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead say, “God, this is what I want. I’d love for things to go this way. You know what’s in my heart. If this is not Your best for me, God I’m fine with it because I know You have something better in store!”

Haiti Update:
Please continue to keep Dr. Paul and all the relief workers in your prayers. They are making a difference and bringing God’s peace, hope, and restoration to the people of Haiti.
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