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Put Action Behind Your Prayers
By Joel Osteen - Jan 11, 2010
I know a couple who had become estranged from their son. Some things had happened; they were at odds with each other, and now the young man wouldn't talk to them, visit them, or have anything to do with them.

This went on month after month, and it looked as though they would never be reconciled. But rather than just giving up and getting all defeated, the parents took a step of faith. They went out and bought their son a Bible and had his name engraved on the front of it. Now, this young man never wanted to have anything to do with the things of God. It looked as though they had wasted their money. But they put the Bible on their coffee table and every time they walked by it, which was several times a day, they would just thank God that one day their son would be back home. They believed that one day he would get back on the right course.

Well, seven years later, they got a phone call from their son, and God supernaturally restored that relationship. Today, I see that young man in church all the time. Do you know what he's carrying? A Bible. Not just any Bible, but the same Bible that sat on that coffee table all those years with his name on it. See, his parents waited expectantly. They made preparations for their son to come back home, and today they're reaping the benefits.

What are you believing God for today? Why don't you put some actions behind your prayers? It may be something small. It may just be something between you and God, but when you take a step of faith, when you wait expectantly, you open the door for God to move. The Bible says that faith gives substance to the things we hope for. Put action behind your prayers today and watch what God will do on your behalf!
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