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Make Preparations to Succeed
By Joel Osteen - Jan 06, 2010
One time, I was talking to a young man who had a dream to go to college. No one in his family had gone before, and so he began to list all of his obstacles. "Joel, I don't know if I can afford it. I don't know if I'll make good enough grades. I don't know if they'll accept me. I don't know what my other family members will think." He was about to talk himself out of it. Finally, I had to stop him and say, "Hey, why don't you take a step of faith? Why don't you put some actions behind your prayers and at least go get an application? At least go tour the campus. Go talk to the counselors. Make preparations to succeed. If you'll do what you can, then God will do what you can't."

I've found that too often, people are believing one way, but with their actions, they're doing just the opposite—they're actually preparing for defeat.

Maybe you've come from a long line of divorce in your family. Why don't you start planning what you're going to do on your first wedding anniversary, and on your fifth anniversary, and on your twenty-fifth anniversary? Talk as if it's going to work out. Make preparations to succeed. Get rid of the "if" and start saying "when."

No matter what that dream is in your heart, the point is, we have to stay hopeful and positive. It's sort of like a woman who is going to have a baby. She and her husband may be believing and hoping, but when she conceives and is expecting, things are a little different. They'll furnish the nursery. She'll buy clothes for a baby that isn't even here. They'll call friends and relatives and tell them the good news. They'll make all the preparations. And she doesn't just let a couple of months go by and say, "You know what, I don't see any difference. I guess I'm not expecting anymore." No, it doesn't matter what she sees or feels, she's got a report from the doctor that a baby is on its way.

We need to do the same thing. When you have a report from Almighty God that your family can be restored, that you can be healthy, that all your needs are met according to His riches in glory, that's all you need. Even if things don't look any different, it's time to start making preparations to succeed. Why don't you take a step of faith today knowing that God has good plans for your future? He's on your side, and He is ready to fulfill every dream and desire He has placed in your heart.
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