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He Knows Where You Are
By Joel Osteen - Dec 16, 2009
One day when I was watching television, I came across an interview with Tammy Trent, a popular Christian artist. She was telling about how she and her husband went on a tropical vacation to an island to celebrate their eleventh wedding anniversary. Her husband was a very skilled underwater diver. He could stay underwater for up to ten minutes without an air tank. When they got to the beach, they were so excited. Her husband jumped in the water and started exploring the underwater caves. Tammy just stayed up on the beach and was taking in the beautiful scenery.

About ten minutes went by and Tammy noticed that her husband had not yet come up for air, and she got a little bit worried. Fifteen minutes-still nothing. Twenty minutes went by and then thirty minutes. Tammy began to panic. She called the authorities, and they started searching for him. Unfortunately, they found his body the next day. He had drowned.

Not only was Tammy in shock and totally devastated, but she was alone in a foreign country. She knew no one. She called her parents who said they would come immediately, but the next flight wasn't until morning. Well, this happened on September 10, 2001. The next day was 9/11. All flights were grounded. For days Tammy was stuck there all alone. She felt forgotten. She was so numb; she couldn't even think straight. Finally, she said, "God, if You're up there anywhere, please send somebody to help me, somebody to let me know that You care."

A little later, there was a knock on her hotel room door. It was the housekeeper. She was an older Jamaican woman. She said, "I was cleaning the room next door. I don't mean to bother you, but I couldn't help but hearing you crying, and I was wondering if there is anything that I could pray with you about?"

Tammy told her what had happened. That older Jamaican woman put her loving arms around Tammy and held her like her very own daughter. She poured the healing oil onto Tammy's wounds. She didn't try to explain everything. She didn't try to figure it all out. She simply let her know that she cared.

That moment, thousands of miles from home, Tammy Trent knew that God was there. He knew right where she was, and He knew how to reach her.

Today, no matter what is going on in your life, whether you've experienced a loss or feel overwhelmed or alone, remember God knows where you are, and He knows how to reach you. He wants to show you His love and faithfulness. He promises to walk with you through the dark times and bring you peace and comfort all the days of your life.
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