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Trading Places
By Joel Osteen - Dec 09, 2009
Sometimes we have the tendency to get so focused on our own goals, our own dreams, or how we can get our miracle that we don't see the needs of those around us. But I've learned there's something more important than seeing my own miracle—I can become someone's miracle. Remember, as believers in Jesus, we have healing in our hands. There's healing in our voices. You are a container filled with God. Right now, you are full of encouragement, full of mercy, full of restoration, full of healing. Everywhere you go you should dispense the goodness of God.

Many people are familiar with the story that Jesus told in Luke chapter 10 about the Good Samaritan. He was riding his donkey when he saw a man on the side of the road who had been beaten, robbed, and left for dead. The Good Samaritan put the man on his donkey and took him to a place where he could recover. I love the fact that the Good Samaritan was riding his donkey when he started out. The injured man was just walking. But it ended up that the Good Samaritan was the one who was walking and the injured man was riding the donkey.

The message here is that sometimes you have to trade places with the people who are hurting. You've got to be willing to be inconvenienced. You might have to miss dinner in order to wipe away someone's tear. You might have to skip working out one night in order to encourage a couple who is struggling. You may even have to drive across town to pick up a co-worker who's addicted and bring him to church with you on Sunday. But every time you reach out to help those in need, the Bible says it's as if you are directly reaching out and helping God.

Today, take time to look around you. Listen to what people are saying. Look beneath the surface. Be willing to exchange what you have in order to meet a need. After all, that's what Jesus did for us. He took our sorrow to give us His joy. He took our infirmities to give us His healing. As you step out to meet the needs of others, remember, God will repay you. He will make sure your needs are abundantly supplied in your own life in return.
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