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Take a Step of Faith
By Joel Osteen - Nov 30, 2009
I have a friend who had both of his knees crushed in an accident. The doctors told him he would be fortunate if he ever walk again, but he would certainly never be able to run or play sports. He was so disappointed by the news. But when he got out of the hospital after being there for over three months, the first thing he did was join a health club. He took a step of faith. For the first year, he was too weak to even go, but he had made up his mind that he was not going to just sit back and stay in that wheelchair; he was making plans to be active again, to be up and walking.

That was over five years ago, and over the course of time he got stronger and stronger. Today, that young man can outrun me! He defied the odds. What happened? He made a decision to rise above his circumstances. He took a step of faith even when the odds were against him. He could have easily believed the negative words and just given up. He could have settled for mediocrity; but he didn't. He put his faith into action…and his faith put him into action.

Maybe you've had some negative things spoken over you. Don't let those negative words take root. Keep believing. Take a step of faith. God has you in the palm of His hand.

Remember, faith is always in the now. Don't have the attitude that says, "Well, I know one day God's going to work. One day God's going to turn this around." No, have the attitude that says, "Father, I thank You that right now You are working in my life. I thank You that right now I'm getting better. Right now things are changing in my favor." Every time you declare something according to the will of God, you are taking a step of faith and moving forward into the victory God has in store for you!
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