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Life and Peace
By - Nov 24, 2009
As believers in Jesus, God has given us His peace; and in turn, we are the originators of peace in our relationships. Think about that for a moment–if you need peace in your relationships, it doesn't start with the other person. The Bible doesn't say, "God has given peace to others, so if there's strife in your relationships, it's their fault." No! God has given you and I His peace, and no one can take it away unless we give it away. We are the ones who choose peace for ourselves, and then we can have influence on the people and environment around us.

I love what it says in Proverbs 4, "A heart at peace gives life to the whole body." Today, I believe God wants to give life to your body as you follow Him in peace. Beyond that—when you are at peace and filled with His life, you can extend life and peace to those around you!

During this holiday season, remember that you are a carrier of God's peace. When people are around you, they are drawing life and strength from you. That's why the Bible says to seek peace and pursue it. We have to constantly fill ourselves up with peace so that we can have an endless supply to offer others. It's not always easy, and it does take practice. We have to train ourselves to choose peace even when we are tempted to get upset–even during the holidays–even when someone rubs us the wrong way at a family gathering!

How do we train ourselves to choose peace? Ecclesiastes says it like this: "Peace and righteousness kiss." What an amazing thing! I believe that when you understand who you are in Christ, and when you walk in His righteousness, you will be empowered to have peace within yourself and peace with all people.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God (Matthew 5:9, WBS).
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