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Pruning Leads to Blooming
By Joel Osteen - Nov 18, 2009
Not long ago, I read about an executive who had worked for a large home improvement company for over 30 years. He helped build that company from the ground up, and now they have retail stores all over the country. But one day, the company had a corporate restructuring, and this man was informed that he was no longer needed. His job had been eliminated.

Of course, he was disappointed. He didn't think it was fair at all. But instead of sitting around thinking about what he had lost, he began to dream of new ideas and look for new opportunities. One day, he got a group of his friends together, and they started a new home improvement company. They called it The Home Depot. As you know, it was very successful, and now they have stores all over the world.

What this man thought was his greatest setback turned out to be his greatest opportunity. Without that adversity, without that layoff, he would have never stepped into the fullness of his God-given destiny.

Maybe you've gone through a loss and just decided, "This is as good as it gets." Today, I want you to get a new perspective. Realize you're in a pruning season, and God is positioning you for increase. He's getting ready to take you to a higher level. Remember, pruning always leads to blooming. But here's the key: you can't get bitter and fall into the trap of self-pity. Instead, stay in faith. Stay focused on God's promises. When one dream dies, learn to do what this man did, dream another dream. Start looking for new opportunities, new ideas, new friendships. Start expecting increase, favor, and promotion because your season of blooming is on its way!
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