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Your Secret Weapon
By Joel Osteen - Nov 16, 2009
There is something about being vocal and expressive with your faith that releases God's power in a greater way. It's one thing to be quiet and reverent unto the Lord. It's important to have respect and honor for the things of God. But there are times when being quiet is not enough. At times, it's not even enough to just pray or sing or quote scriptures. There comes a time when a shout of praise is what pushes you over into victory.

The scriptures are full of stories about how God's people lifted up a shout and supernatural things took place. Prison doors were opened. Enemies became confused. Huge walls came tumbling down all because of a shout of praise. That's because when God hears your shouts of praise, He says to the angels, "Get busy. Send healing. Send favor. Send deliverance. Send supernatural breakthroughs." Like a secret weapon, the shout breaks you through to victory!

One time years ago, Victoria and I were involved in a business deal where somebody had wronged us. They pulled us into a big mess. We had to meet with attorneys and go through the legal process. It was a big waste of time, energy, and money. We finally came to the week when it was all supposed to be resolved. We had one final meeting where the outcome was going to be determined. Early that morning, we were in a parking garage in downtown Houston waiting for the meeting. Victoria said something that I had never heard her say before, "Joel, I think before we get out of the car, we need to turn on some praise music and just shout the victory."

Well, it was like six o'clock in the morning, and I didn't feel like shouting. I was barely even awake. But we turned on the Lakewood praise CD, and it just so happened to be playing at the end of the song, "We Have Overcome." We heard about ten or fifteen seconds and then the worship leader came on saying, "It's already done. We've already won the victory. Just shout unto God!" So we just joined in the celebration and we said, "God, we agree. We praise You in advance for the victory. We believe it's already done. We shout unto You with a voice of triumph!"

We got out of the car that morning feeling ten feet tall. We were strengthened and empowered as we gave thanks and praise to the Most High God. When we walked into that meeting, the other side was at odds with each other and began to argue among themselves. Their head attorney got so upset that he left the building. What had dragged on for over three years was totally resolved in our favor that day. Not only that, everything was restored back to us!

Proverbs 29:6 says, "Evil people are trapped by their own wrongdoing, but the righteous escape by shouting for joy." Friend, remember, when you have the high praises of God coming out of your mouth, He will go to war against your enemies. Any time you find yourself in a situation where you feel trapped, like there is no way out be it in your health, your finances, or a legal situation, don't get down and discouraged; don't start complaining. Remember, you have a secret weapon. Start shouting for joy and watch how God will fight your battles and bring you into total victory!
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