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In Honor of Veteran’s Day
By Joel Osteen - Nov 11, 2009
Victoria and I would like to thank all the veterans and active military personnel for your service and dedication to our country. We pray for the health and safety of you and your family. May God's grace be with you to strengthen and empower you, and may He overwhelm you with His peace.

Who Are You?

There's a woman who has been part of our church for many years. Her name is Gabriela or "Gaby" as her friends call her. Gaby has been a professional photographer in Houston, shooting as many as fifty weddings in a year. She worked so hard that she finally needed to take a break to focus more on her husband and four children, so she decided to take a couple of years off. However, when she was ready to return; unfortunately, the economy was in a downturn.

Like millions of professionals across the country, Gaby had to step back and look at other options. To her credit, she did not despair. Instead, Gaby decided to go after her dream. You see, for ten years Gaby had a secret desire to be the official photographer for us at Lakewood Church. She didn't tell anyone about her dream. We knew her and were well aware of her talents. She'd done many family portraits and weddings for our church and staff members. (She even made my brother, Paul, look good and that's no easy task!) However, we might not have ever known that Gaby wanted to work for us if her family had not encouraged her to step out in faith and take hold of her dream.

One morning, Gaby woke up and found a message on her bathroom mirror that read, "Who are you?" Then, when she went into the kitchen, there was another note by the coffee pot, "Who are you?" She went into the living room and found another sign. Everywhere she looked, all over the house, her family posted signs urging her to pursue her divine destiny. Finally, Gaby decided to make a move by asking for a five-minute interview with one of our executives. When she completed her presentation, he welcomed her on the team. He told her, "The fact that you are in my office today is just amazing. Just last week I had a meeting with Joel, and we discussed the need to hire a photographer to cover what's happening here."

Today, Gaby is our church photographer, but only because she made the move to take hold of her dream and embrace her God-given destiny!

What is the dream God has placed in your heart? It's time to take hold of it. It's time to take a step of faith. It's time to embrace your God-given destiny. Even if you don't see how it can happen, know that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf. He's ordering your steps. He's aligning the right people and the right opportunities to carry you into your destiny.

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