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You Are Your Father's Child
By Joel Osteen - Nov 09, 2009
Former baseball star, Jesse Barfield and his wife Marla have been members of our church for many years. Jesse led the Major League with forty home runs while playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, and he later played for the New York Yankees where he was known for having the strongest throwing arm in baseball.

Jesse is the most naturally–talented, gifted athlete I've ever seen. Sometimes during the off season we would play basketball together, and even though it's not his main sport, he is ten times better than the rest of us! He's in a league of his own.

He and Marla have several children, and I've watched them grow up. Their oldest son, Josh, was a star baseball player in high school. He went on to college and did great there, too. A few years ago, he was called up to the big leagues. Now he's excelling playing professional ball like his father. Jesse's younger son, Jeremy, is also a gifted baseball player and has made it into the big leagues as well.

Statistics tell us that only one child in a million will ever make it to the big leagues. But Josh's and Jeremy's success doesn't surprise me—I know who their father is. I've seen Jesse play. I've witnessed firsthand his strength, his speed, and his ability. Baseball is just in their DNA.

Do you know what? I know who your Father is, too. That's why I believe there is no limit to what you can do. There's no obstacle you can't overcome. I've seen your Father's accomplishments and victory has been passed down in your DNA. It doesn't matter if there's a one–in–a–million chance–there's no challenge that's too much for you! Your Father always succeeds, and you have been set up to live a victorious life!

Last week, we had such an incredible time in New York for the release of my new book, It's Your Time. We were especially amazed to have about 1,400 people attend the book signing at the Barnes & Noble in the Bronx. This was the strongest turn out we've ever had for a book signing! The place was so packed and people willingly stood in line outside in the cold rain. Some had arrived in the early morning and waited all day for the 7:00 pm signing. It was my honor to be able to shake each person's hand and hear about what God is doing in their lives. My hope is that this book will be an inspiration for people to keep pressing forward to embrace all God has in store.
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