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Its Time to Take Hold of Your Dream
By Joel Osteen - Nov 02, 2009
This week, Victoria and I are so excited to be in the Big Apple to kick off the release of my new book, It's Your Time.

More than any other of my books, I feel like a man on a mission with this one. I believe it's my best work so far, and I've gotten the same feedback from others.

I wrote this book as a lifeline, so to speak, to help people make it through the difficult times. It's different from my previous books because it's not so much about principles as it is inspiration and motivation to keep you going so you can take hold of your dreams and embraces all that God has for you.

You know, New York City is such a place of inspiration. It's a beacon of hope to many and a place where people take hold of their dreams from the Statue of Liberty in the harbor to Broadway Street to Yankee Stadium—home of the 2009 World Series.I couldn't think of a better time or better place to be launching my book and bringing a message of a hope, faith, and inspiration.

While we are here this week, we'll be interviewed by our friends at the Fox News Channel, ABC's Good Morning America, CNN American Morning, ABC's The View, as well as many other radio, TV, and print interviews.

On Tuesday, we'll be at Barnes and Noble in Manhattan for my first book signing of the week, and then we'll be at Borders in Glendale, New York on Wednesday evening. Thursday, we'll be at the Barnes and Noble in the Bronx and then wrapping up a few more interviews on Friday before we head back home to Houston.

If you're in the area, we hope you'll come out and see us. We'd love to have the opportunity to shake your hand. If you live somewhere else, be sure to check back with us often. We may be in your area for a book signing or a “Night of Hope” event soon!

If you'd like more information about book signings in your area,click here and click here to learn more about It's Your Time.
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