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Moments of Favor
By Joel Osteen - Oct 26, 2009
A few years after Victoria and I got married, we were living in a beautiful townhouse just as happy as we could be. One day out of the blue, Victoria said, "We need to sell this place." Now, I was perfectly fine in that townhouse, but as soon as she said that, a sense of peace came over me. I knew that she was right. In the natural, we could have thought, "We're fine. We're comfortable here." But we paid attention to that still, small voice, that inward witness telling us, "Something better is on the horizon."

And so we went out looking. We knew every home for sale in every neighborhood within ten miles of us. We looked for months. And one Sunday afternoon, we found something. It was an old, run-down house—windows broken out, crooked floors, and water dripping from the ceiling. But it was on a beautiful piece of property and something deep inside said, "This is a God-given opportunity."

We sold our townhouse and took a step of faith to buy that old, run-down house. Amazingly, in less than three years, we sold that property for more than twice what we paid for it! That opportunity took us to a new level. Time and chance came together, and we took advantage of it.

I love what David said in Psalm 31, "God, my times are in Your hand…" He was saying, "God, I already know You have supernatural breaks planned out for me. You have the right people, the right opportunities, so I will not be stressed out. I will stay in peace knowing that You will get me to my final destination."

Friend, divine appointments are on their way for you! Even if you're not seeing those opportunities or not making as much progress as you would like, don't lose any ground. Don't allow discouragement and disappointment to hold you back. Instead, keep a good attitude and do the right thing even when it's hard because that's how you prepare for promotion. Today, look for those divine appointments and follow the inner peace of the Holy Spirit because God promises that moments of favor are on their way!

I talk about this story in my new book, "It's Your Time." I'm so excited about this project and hope it is a blessing to you! Click here to learn more about "It's Your Time".
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