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Africa Update: Touring the Mission Hospital and Outreach in Johannesburg
By Joel Osteen - Oct 23, 2009
It's been a full week for us here in Africa, and we've had such an amazing time! We've seen firsthand the impact that my brother, Paul and his family along with many other doctors and medical staff from around the world are having in this country. They've mentored and trained local doctors and staff, and it's encouraging to see how open the people are to the gospel when you reach out and meet their physical needs first. I love what Paul said to us this week, "Medicine is just a tool to help reach people for Jesus."

Tenwek Mission Hospital, where Paul is working, helps many people from different tribes in the area. Sometimes, even warriors from enemy tribes are bedded next to each other in the recovery rooms. Tenwek also reaches out to a number of nomadic groups that live in the wild and follow the herds of cattle from place to place all over Kenya. Paul and the team are truly reaching the unreached and telling the untold the Good News of the Gospel!

Just a few kilometers from Tenwek Mission Hospital is Mosop Orphanage and School where Jennifer, Paul's wife has been serving since they first arrived. The children are so delightful and greeted us with the most angelic singing! We were blessed to see encouraging scriptures painted on the walls throughout the facility as a constant reminder of hope. Scriptures like Jeremiah 29:11, "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and give you a hope and a future."

The headmaster of the school brings in revenue by taking left-over food that has been donated to feed the children and selling it to the community. They are still in need of finances to complete their building projects, and I'm so proud of our own Children's Ministry at Lakewood who raised $5,000 to help complete one of the classroom buildings.

This week, the team also participated in building a home for a township outside of Johannesburg. This home was handed over to a man who had been waiting 15 years. He will be one of 17 people living in the 400 square foot home with running water for the first time in his life.

Tonight, we are in Johannesburg, South Africa at Rhema Church's 30th Anniversary Conference, "Two Days of Hope." Already, our team has been able to help provide technical support to the local production team. Thankfully, they speak the same language though the terminology is a little different. It's been fun listening to their accents, though the locals think we are the ones with the accents!

Please keep us and the service in your prayers today. This afternoon, Israel and New Breed will be leading a worship service; then tonight is our "Night of Hope" event with the whole Lakewood Team along with the fifteen thousand people who are expected to attend. This is the second time this year that we've been able to bring the "Night of Hope" event overseas (the first was Sydney, Australia), and also the second time we've been a part of a local church conference.

We are so honored to witness what God is doing here in South Africa. Remember, as you partner with us, in God's eyes, you are directly responsible for every life touched!
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