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Ride the Wind
By Joel Osteen - Oct 19, 2009
A while back, I read a fascinating report on the hopper, the baby locust. These young bugs can't quite fly, but they can jump up to two hundred times their height. The hopper learns to fly by riding the wind. When the wind blows and the treetops rustle, the hopper's instincts say: "This is my time to jump."

That hopper can jump, catch the wind, and fly by riding the breeze; but timing is so critical. Adult locusts also wait for the perfect wind conditions to help them migrate miles and miles. The interesting thing is that they don't have the most aerodynamic bodies. They are thick-bodied insects with small straight wings, so they need to time their leaps just right in order to be successful.

Friend, like the hoppers and the locusts, we need to know when it is our time to ride the winds. We have to stay tuned to signs of opportunity and God's supernatural favor. We have to watch and listen for that inner voice of the Holy Spirit to direct us. When the conditions line up and you know that it's your time, don't hold back! Take that step of faith and allow the winds of God to carry you further and higher than you ever imagined into the destiny He has in store for you!
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