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Update from Africa—Touring the Abandoned Baby Center
By Joel Osteen - Oct 15, 2009
Yesterday we had the opportunity to tour the Francis Jones Abandoned Baby Center here in Nairobi, Kenya. This is Feed the Children's first abandoned baby center, established over 8 years ago. It gave us an idea of what the new Victoria Osteen Abandoned Baby Center will be all about.

The facility is first class. Very clean. The staff is very knowledgeable and most importantly, the kids here are receiving some of the best care around. Feed the Children is a world-class operation that really knows how to put their resources to work to help others. It’s clear that founders, Larry and Francis Jones, are very proud of the work being done here in Kenya. Larry loves to show people around, and let the staff tell the stories of the work that goes on each and every day.

What touched our hearts the most was being able to love and bless the children directly ourselves. We saw babies who were just a few months old through children who were preschool-aged. In one area, we handed out little bracelets to the children. Their precious faces would light up when we would put a bracelet around their wrist. One of the workers warned us--"Watch out, they'll steal your hearts!" And they sure did!

After we left the Francis Jones Abandoned Baby Center, we headed to a school where Feed the Children was living up to their name—they were feeding the children! Dozens of kids lined up with their tin plates in hand to receive a meal. We were so honored to be able to join the volunteers and actually serve the children, dipping long spoons into large pots of food and placing it on their plates. Even our own children, Jonathan and Alexandra were able to participate in this outreach and feed the children. We were truly blessed to be able to reach out and be a blessing to these precious little ones!

Next, we traveled to the future site of the Victoria Osteen Abandoned Baby Center for the ground-breaking ceremony. Right now it is an empty plot of land with two dilapidated buildings on it. We cut the ribbon, officially beginning the process of turning that patch of land into a center that will help many children for years to come. While we were there, we also planted three trees and laid the first stone, the cornerstone, for one of the new buildings that will be on the property.

Our whole team has been overwhelmed by how much of a difference is being made through the ministry of Feed the Children. We are so grateful to be partners with them! That’s the amazing thing about God’s kingdom—when you are a partner with us, you are a partner with them. In God’s eyes, you are impacting millions of lives all over the world. And, you never know whose life you are impacting through one of these Abandoned Baby Centers. You just might just be caring for a future teacher, doctor, or leader of a nation. Only God knows, but what we know, is that each child is so precious in the eyes of Almighty God and He is so honored when we reach out to help them!
Thank you again for your love prayers and support! Check back with us soon for more updates on how you are making a difference all over the world.
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