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Step Out of the Boat
By Joel Osteen - Oct 05, 2009
In the Bible, there’s a story about a time when all the disciples were out in a boat late at night when suddenly they saw Jesus walking on the water. I’m sure you can imagine their surprise, but one of the disciples, Peter, decided to get out of the boat and walk towards Jesus.

Now, why do you think that all of the sudden, Peter decided to step out of that boat? Some people might say, “Well Joel, it’s because he saw Jesus open the blind eyes and cleanse the lepers and do all those miraculous things.” Yes, that’s true. But the other disciples in the boat all saw the same things. Why didn’t they get out?

I believe it was because Peter understood that it was his time. He had stirred his faith up. Jesus simply asked him, “Peter, do you want to get out of the boat?” Peter replied, “Yes, I do.” “Well, get out.” Jesus said. Peter believed that he could do what God had placed in his heart so he stepped out of the boat and he walked on the water.

Many people focus on the fact that after a few steps he started to sink, but I like to focus on the fact that he walked on the water more than you and me!

I believe that God wants us to have the same kind of boldness that Peter did. Instead of just believing that your time is coming, start believing that your time is here! All the dreams you’ve buried, all those desires that you thought would never work out, it’s time to step out of the boat and start believing again. Believe that it’s your time of increase. Believe that it’s your time to come up to a new level. Believe it’s time to accomplish your dreams and break those addictions. When you have this kind of attitude, you’re saying in effect what Peter said: “God, can I come with you? I believe it’s my time now.” And notice how Jesus responded. He didn’t say, “Peter, stay in that boat. Don’t you know that I’m the Son of God?” No. He said, “Peter, I like your attitude of faith. I like the fact you believe you can do great things. That tells me it’s your time now.” And even though Peter walked only a few steps, He ended up closer to Jesus than anyone in the boat. In fact, he ended up in His loving arms.

I encourage you today, don’t fall into complacency. Don’t get comfortable just sitting in the boat. Instead, be bold and dare to believe God. His arms are outstretched before you. He is ready and waiting to receive your faith and lead you into the wonderful destiny He has in store for you!
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