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Is Your Hut on Fire?
By Joel Osteen - Sep 28, 2009
I heard a story about a man who was out on his boat when he encountered a terrible storm. His boat capsized and he ended up on a deserted island all by himself. Weeks went by and he was so miserable, so distraught. He didn’t think he would ever be found. He prayed every day, but it seemed like the heavens were silent. He tried to make the most of it. He even built a little thatched roof hut for shelter and became quite good at fishing and gathering food.

Time passed and there were no signs of his situation changing. In fact, one day just when he thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, he was out trying to find food and came back to find the little hut he had built was on fire. He just sat there, stunned, watching the only thing he had left going up in flames. It was like pouring salt on his wounds. He fell to his knees and said, “God, I give up. I asked You to help me, but one bad thing after another keeps happening.”

Well, about an hour later, the Coast Guard showed up to rescue him. The man couldn’t believe it! He was thrilled. He said, “How in the world did you find me?” They said, “We saw the smoke coming from that huge fire you built.”

Friend, sometimes what looks like a disappointment to us is really God positioning us to go to a new level. Maybe you feel like this man, hit by the storms of life alone on an island with your hut on fire. But instead of getting negative and bitter, recognize that God still has a good plan for your life. He’s working behind the scenes. He’s taking those disappointments and discouragements, and He’s using them to launch you into freedom. Even when you don’t understand what’s happening in your circumstances, understand that God is using them for your good. He has a plan to bless and prosper you and bring you out better and stronger than ever before!
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