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Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat?
By Joel Osteen - Sep 21, 2009
When you think about how you act or respond to situations in your workplace or around your friends and family, are you the type of person who just takes it all in and is easily influenced—a thermometer that measures the temperature? Or, are you the kind of person who influences others around you—a thermostat that changes the temperature?

You may work around people who are very negative, or perhaps, you even live with a negative person. But you don’t have to allow them to steal your joy. People may be singing the blues around you, complaining about the boss, complaining about the economy, talking about how badly someone is treating them. Don’t join in and say, “Oh, you think you have it bad? Let me tell you about my problems. My teenager won’t straighten up. I think I’m going to have to have surgery on my back. My insurance has doubled. We didn’t qualify for that new home we really wanted.” No, when you talk defeat, you draw in defeat.

Instead, have a different spirit. You’re not created to be a thermometer. Don’t let others influence you and draw out the worst in you. You’re created to be a thermostat. You’ve got the spirit of the living God on the inside of you. Your attitude should be, “Yes, I may have some problems. Yes, it may be difficult, but I know this too shall pass.” “Yes, it’s true I may have to have surgery, but I know God is going to bring me out better off than I was before.” “No, we didn’t qualify for that new home, but I’m not discouraged. I know God has something better in store.” That’s being a thermostat! You don’t let others pull you down; instead, you pull them up.

Remember, just as negativity is contagious, faith is contagious. Just like complaining, being discouraged, and having a sour outlook is contagious, so is being hopeful, positive, and faith-filled. Here is the key: the more others talk defeat, the more you need to talk victory. The more they complain, the more you need to praise. The sourer they look the happier you need to look.

Don’t let others drag you down. Instead, bring them up because God is looking for people who will be faithful on His behalf. He’s looking to pour out His blessing on willing and open vessels. He’s looking to pour out His favor and abundance; and as you keep an attitude of faith, you are setting yourself in position to receive all the good things He has in store for you!
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