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Thank Him for What Didn’t Happen
By Victoria Osteen - Sep 17, 2009
I love the scripture in Malachi three that tells us when we tithe and give to the Lord that He will open the windows of heaven, pour out blessings upon us, and rebuke the devourer for our sake!

Joel mentioned to me the other day, “Victoria, you don’t know what God has saved us from.” And that’s so true. None of us really know what He spared us from yesterday. We don’t know how He has rebuked the devourer for us and protected us. We need to thank Him for what didn’t happen to us as much as we thank Him for all the blessings He’s poured out upon us.

You may have heard the stories of some of the people whose lives were spared on the morning of 9/11. One person was running late because they were stuck in unexpected traffic, one person missed the bus, another spilled food on her clothes and had to take time to change, and someone else couldn’t get to work because their car wouldn’t start. I’m sure at the time, none of those people thought that those little incidents would have such a big impact on their lives.

How often do we allow daily annoyances to throw us off and get us upset, when instead, we should thank God that He is ordering our steps? We need to be thankful that our plans don’t work out every single time because we never know what could have happened if they had. We may not know this side of heaven all the times He’s rescued and protected us. So today, choose to be thankful, knowing that as His child, He is pouring out His blessing and rebuking the devourer on your behalf!
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