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He Knows
By Victoria Osteen - Sep 10, 2009
It’s amazing to stop and think that God knows everything about us…and He loves us so much anyway! Sometimes when people hear that, they take it in a negative context--“Oh no! He knows everything? He knows what I said? He knows what I did?” Immediately, they begin thinking that God is constantly judging their performance. And, we do have to be accountable for our actions; our actions prove our faith. But we have to remember, other people may judge us only by our actions, but God goes deeper. He judges us by our hearts. He knows that you may not have done everything perfectly yesterday, but He knows that you are doing a whole lot better than you were a month ago! He knows you have a heart to follow Him and do what is right, and that’s what pleases Him.

I think about King David in the Bible. God said this about him: “He’s a man after My own heart.” If you look at the life of David, he didn’t do everything perfectly. In fact, he made a lot of mistakes. But there was something in his heart that God was looking at, and that was his intent to please Him.

So today, don’t fall into the trap of focusing on all your faults and failures because that is not what God is focused on. He is focused on the work He’s doing in your life. He’s focused on your future. He’s focused on who you are becoming through the power of Jesus Christ.

If there are some things you know you need to change, make the decision to change them. That’s what “repent” means—to turn and go the opposite direction. If you’ve fallen, get back up! Receive His forgiveness and keep moving forward. He knows you, He is with you, He loves you, and He is ready to lead you into victory in every area of your life!

For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again…(Proverbs 24:16, NIV).
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